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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is designed to take control of your business processes to improve how you interact with your customers and how you manage your data and analysis. CRM systems are a way to better manage your relationships with customers by streamlining your processes, centralising customer information, providing analysis, and enabling responsive customer service.

The right CRM solution can help companies improve marketing, sales, service engagement, drive efficiency and improve customer experience. Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps you make every customer engagement an intelligent one, so you can market smarter, sell effectively, and deliver amazing customer experiences anywhere. Dynamics CRM helps companies by building long-term customer relationships that are:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Personalised creating end-to-end, outcome-focused journeys that engage at the right time and place
  • Proactive by determining the next best interaction with your customer based on context
  • Made predictive by using analytics—internal and external data to identify patterns and predict outcomes

Delivered in the cloud, on-premise, or as a hybrid combination, Dynamics CRM can help your organisation to reduce costs, increase profitability, automate business processes, enhance your customer relationships and satisfaction, and, ultimately, deliver return on investment (ROI).

Why Dynamics CRM?

Why Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the world’s leading and most innovative CRM, is used by over 40,000 companies and 4.4 million people worldwide for one simple reason - it is designed to deliver value to your business.

A series of exclusive productivity tools across sales, marketing, and customer service can enhance the way you do business. Dynamics CRM’s unique ability to extend and scale, allows companies to choose the right solutions for them, according to their needs and means.

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Its capacity to integrate other systems seamlessly, means that all your information is accessible in one place. Having all that data present in one place allows for real, valuable insights and analytics into your business and provides managers with greater visibility into their customers and teams, allowing for informed and productive decision-making.

But Dynamics CRM is more than a data entry system. It is designed to enhance your real-life relationships with your customers. An intuitive and intelligent approach streamlines your interactions, allowing your teams to be more productive, but also allowing them to be more in tune with their customers.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM, is also extremely mobile – providing you with real-time, accurate data, accessible from any device at any time. But all this sophistication does not come at the expense of usability. After all, a CRM system is only as good as the data it holds and data accuracy is very much dependent on the user. Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been developed with the user in mind. The familiar and easy to use design of Dynamics CRM feels intuitive and facilitates instant user buy-in and rapid adoption across the entire business.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM includes three main entities:

  • Sales: Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Competitors, Products, Sales Literature, Quotes, Orders, Invoices, Goals
  • Marketing: Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Marketing Lists, Campaigns, Products, Literature, Quick Campaigns
  • Service: Accounts, Contacts, Service Calendar, Cases, Knowledge Base, Contracts, Products, Services, Goal Metrics

Here are a few reasons why people choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

  • Affordable: with on-premise or subscription based licensing options 
  • Easy to use: requiring minimal training and IT intervention  
  • Familiar: Dynamics CRM provides you with powerful functionality within a familiar Outlook interface  
  • Easy to Access: on and off-line access  

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Deployment Options

Microsoft Dynamics CRM empowers organisations by giving them a choice in deployment. A flexible technology platform means that Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s full capabilities are realised regardless of whether it is deployed in the Cloud, as an On-premise solution, or as a Hybrid deployment – and only Microsoft offers the flexibility to migrate from one deployment model to another.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Deployment Options

  • Did you know that 80% of the Fortune 500 are using the Microsoft Cloud? While many businesses are initially drawn to the cloud by cost savings, but really, it’s the business agility, reduced IT complexity and efficiency that often makes the difference for organisations when opting for the Cloud. As the fastest method of deployment, the Cloud is often the ideal choice for small businesses who don’t have their own hardware.

    Dynamics CRM Online is a Microsoft hosted solution and offers the following benefits:

    • Efficient: implement and roll out CRM quickly in a ready-to-go Cloud environment
    • Flexible licensing: subscription based, add and remove users as and when you need to
    • Reduce costs: no upfront licence costs or recurring software licence renewal, no hardware costs or overhead of maintaining a dedicated CRM server
    • Business continuity: 99.9% uptime service level agreement financially backed by Microsoft
    • Security: Data protected by 5 security layers and a disaster recovery service. ISO27001 compliant
    • Integration: Works on the Office 365 platform to combine CRM with the benefits of Sharepoint, Skype messaging and hosted Exchange
  • An on-premise Dynamics CRM solution is installed on your own server and gives you complete control of your database in house. This has been the traditional method of CRM implementation and can achieve the highest efficiency for local users as it is not dependent on your internet connection. This method can also provide for more flexibility and control than a Cloud based deployment as you are in complete control of your data, have no limitations as to what code you can run on the server, and can control how updates are handled.

    • Maximise your investment: use your existing hardware and IT infrastructure and internal resources to manage CRM
    • Own your solution: you have complete ownership of your data, software and hardware
    • Control costs: no additional storage costs if your database size exceeds the default 5GB cloud CRM Online account limit
    • Control updates: Control when updates are applied, allowing you to test them before they are put in place
  • A hybrid development combines the best of both Online and On-Premise solutions. You purchase the licences from Microsoft but host the solution with a local, certified Dynamics partner.

    Benefit from an online environment with:

    • Minimal up-front investment
    • Subscription based, flexible licensing
    • Minimal infrastructure requirement
    • Remote Access Capability

    But, also, reap the benefits associated with an on-premise solution:

    • Complete control of your data and configurations
    • Flexibility to move Servers
    • Flexibility to move Data

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solutions

  • Intelligent selling with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s intelligent sales capabilities help sales team convert leads to revenue more effectively. CRM provides essential tools to the sales personnel, to focus on the right customers priorities, close deals faster, and build a trusted relationship with them by engaging in a personal and relevant way.

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  • Market Smarter with Microsoft

    Utilise Microsoft Dynamics CRM to increase your chances of marketing success, through tools like marketing calendar, workflows, campaign design, budgeting, email marketing, nurture campaigns and much more. Typically, most customers that contact you are already 57% through the buying cycle. It is imperative that today’s marketers be agile and adopt new approaches to ensure they are part of customers’ buying decisions.

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  • Power your Service Productivity

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps streamline customer service operations, giving customer support teams the tools they need to deliver intelligent and superior service from one consolidated view. It has become more important than ever to provide excellent service to win and retain customer loyalty. Today’s customers are more informed and more connected than ever before.

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  • Field Service for Dynamics CRM

    Field service delivers end to end customer centric experience. Field Service lets companies respond to service requests generated by customers.

    By automatically optimize schedules, and reallocating resources quickly during escalations, you can now improve first-time fix rates, and simplify dispatch for field service companies; thus resulting in more satisfied customers, lower costs and higher revenues.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 saw enhancements to sales, marketing and customer service functionality, along with new features to facilitate marketing and sales team collaboration. The specific products updated were:

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM online and on-premises versions
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM for tablets
  • Microsoft Dynamics Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 attempts to change the way you manage your sales and business with a number of new features. The introduction of product families allows you to bundle products and receive related products for cross – or up-selling opportunities. Sales hierarchies allow you to reorganize the way you look at your data, in real-time. Improvements to Dynamics CRM for tablets offline capabilities and its analytics combine to enhance your field sales productivity.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

In one of the most comprehensive upgrades ever for Dynamics CRM, Microsoft continues its journey to deliver intelligent customer engagement, with significant improvements to productivity, intelligence, mobility and service. Here is a brief overview of the enhancements in these 4 areas:

    • An enhanced CRM app for Outlook, harnessing the power of Office Groups
    • Deliver Excel templates on top of the immersive Excel
    • Create personalised sales documents in Word
    • Access to contextual CRM documents across SharePoint, Office 365 Groups, OneDrive for Business
    • Intelligent processes for sales, service and marketing powered by the Cortana Analytics Suite and Machine learning
    • Product suggestions for up-sell/cross-sell
    • Recommended cases and knowledge to resolve customer service cases
    • Sentiment analysis in Microsoft Social Engagement
    • Full offline mobile capabilities (for Online customers)
    • The ability to create task-based mobile apps
    • Mobile Application Management that surfaces CRM data to drive proactive interaction and voice-driven CR
    • A new role driven agent experience, a native Knowledge Management solution and surveys to capture voice of the customer
    • Field service capabilities using FieldOne
    • SMS is now a marketing channel

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